JLA Data

Angling for insight in the sea of data

  1. Leaflet in R

    Tips & tricks for interactive maps

  2. Text Classification in R

    Using keras and udpipe based workflow

  3. Optimizing Prague Bar Network

    A case study of Branch Network Optimization using R as GIS tool

  4. Adjusting Bounding Box of a Map in R

    Making space for fancy titles in tmap & ggplot2

  5. Creating and Pruning Random Points and Polygons

    In R workflow built on sf package

  6. Dissolving Polygons in sf - Revisited

    Automating of dissolution of adminstrative units

  7. Unbearable Lightness of SQL Code Chunks

    SQL code execution in RMarkdown, demonstrated

  8. Dissolving Polygons in sf

    Creating arbitrary polygons by dissolving adminstrative units

  9. Parametrized R Markdown Reports

    Reporting automation using R Markdown

  10. Custom Icons in tmap

    Combining the power of tmap & Google Maps Geocoding API