JLA Data

Angling for insight in the sea of data

  1. Leaflet Map Markers in R

    alternative approaches to "X marks the spot"

  2. Promoting Best Development Practices

    by managing RStudio settings programatically

  3. Spatial Aggregation

    Three approaches: based on buffers, Voronoi polygons and grid cells

  4. Interactive Map Generator

    from Excel to HTML, via leaflet.js

  5. Merging Geometry of {sf} Objects in R

    Using {dplyr} Based Workflow

  6. Leaflet in R

    Tips & tricks for interactive maps

  7. Text Classification in R

    Using keras and udpipe based workflow

  8. Optimizing Prague Bar Network

    A case study of Branch Network Optimization using R as GIS tool

  9. Adjusting Bounding Box of a Map in R

    Making space for fancy titles in tmap & ggplot2

  10. Creating and Pruning Random Points and Polygons

    In R workflow built on sf package