JLA Data

Angling for insight in the sea of data

  1. Thirsty Salesman Problem

    Solving TSP using R in context of {sf} & HERE API

  2. The Breadbaskets of Europe

    Crop producing areas from Copernicus Land Use data

  3. Geocoding the Minard Map

    using R & {tidygeocoder}

  4. Non-Contiguous Area Cartograms

    Using R & {ggplot2}

  5. Finding Points of Interest

    Along a route using R

  6. Road Routing in R

    Alternative approaches to routing APIs

  7. Lines from Points

    Linking spatial points by a network of lines in a {sf} package context

  8. Merging Data Frames in R

    a study in optimization

  9. Leaflet Map Markers in R

    alternative approaches to "X marks the spot"

  10. Promoting Best Development Practices

    by managing RStudio settings programatically